Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC)

 Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

    Zip code: 518048


to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center / Shenzhen major hotels

Within Shenzhen

MTR Train to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

From Hong Kong

1) Cross-border coach to major hotels in Shenzhen

Regular airport cross-border coach service to Shenzhen major hotels is available at the Hong Kong International Airport between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, in 30 minutes or an hour departure, average fare is betweenHKD$170-$200, journey time is around 90 minutes. For details of routes, prices and destinations, please contact cross-border coach operators at ticket counters in either Terminal 1 & 2 at the airport. The Airport Mainland Coach Station is just minutes-walk from the passenger terminal.

2) Cross boundary ferry to Exhibition Center (for transfer passengers only)

Take ferry at SkyPier of the Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen Shekou Passenger Port. Service hours: 09:00 – 21:45, approximate hourly departure; normal fare: HKD$220, first class fare: HKD$240; travelling time: 30 minutes.

At Shenzhen Shekou Port building, take bus no. K113, calling at exhibition center. Or, take bus no. 113 to Zhu Zi Lin (竹子林) station, take Shenzhen Metro there and get off at Convention & Exhibition Center (会展中心) station, RMB 3, 4 stops, around 9 minutes.

(Details for Metro, please visit

To get a taxi directly to the exhibition center costs 30 – 35 minutes and RMB 40 – 50.